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Feng Shui cures for the 7 most common decorating mistakes. 
By Katherine Allen

1. Rooms lack a cohesive feeling
The first impression is a lasting impression. What impression does your room give? Start correcting the problem by asking yourself: "What would this room say if it could talk?" What three adjectives would describe the feeling you are trying to create? Make every item you place in a room whisper that feeling. Harmony is a result of the sum total of the parts working towards a wholeness!

2. Rooms off balance
Use your body for balancing. Does your body want to tip to the right, the left, the front or the back wall when you enter? Is the room top or bottom heavy? A good rule of thumb is to visually balance one side of the room with the opposite side. Introduce opposites within your space. In Feng Shui, balance is a dance between the two extremes called yin ( relaxing, soft music, candles, curved or irregular shapes, pale colors,) and yang (stimulating, bright, loud music and straight lines.). Maintaining a balance of these two energies, harmony is achieved.

3. Lack of commitment to color and style
Be courageous, make a choice. Besides, you can always change. Manifestation occurs after commitment! Are you vague in this area? Try this collage exercise to get started. Spend 10 to 15 minutes looking through magazines and tear out anything that strikes you, cut and paste onto a large poster board. After you are finished take a long look to observe what style, colors, shapes, lines and images are you most drawn towards.

4.Lack of empty space!
Emptiness is everything! It provides space to be. It is creativity not yet born. To accomplish this, de-clutter each room by periodically checking whether items are there for a specific purpose. If not, store or give them away. Keep it simple.

5. Poor placement of furniture
Set intention of function and activity through furniture grouping. Make places for private and social interaction by creating a cozy corner with a single, chair, table and lamp as well as a grouping of sofa and chairs. Avoid lining up furniture along the wall (psychologically, you are up against a wall.)

6. Ignoring the realm of the invisible
Your intuition is you guide here. Use it! There is more going on in a space than is visible. The unseen is as real as the seen. What energies does this space hold? What is the history of this space? Does the space need special attention before it can serve your intention? Create ceremonies to clear the past energy. Say prayers to bless and protect the home. Create noises, like clapping, music or drumming to awaken a flat feeling in a room.

7. Ineffective use of image, line, shape and color
These elements speak a hidden yet powerful communication. Tap into your subconscious by carefully selecting the images, lines, shapes and colors. Give meaning to the items you place within your space and allow them to be part of your own personal myth.

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