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We aim at providing you with assistance creating beautiful and comfortable environments through a variety of services. Whether you are building a home, redecorating, or infusing a fresh look using what you have, Feng Shui and Design provides the following separate or combination services. Discussing on an individual basis how best we can help you, is how we begin.

Interior Design Services

Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui ON SITE Consultations - The Power of Placement
Feng Shui enhances the harmony within a space by boosting the vital energy (chi)

Service includes:

  • On-site visits to home or office
  • Personal Interview and consultation
  • Return visit with written recommendations (optional)
  • Follow-up consultation

  • Reduced Stress
  • Overall heightened sense of wellness
  • Improved Health
  • More comfort
  • Emotional, mental and spiritual unity
  • Speedier Recovery in depression, grief and loss.
  • More contentment
  • Increased personal power
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Easing conflict
  • UMO's (Unexplained Magical Occurrences)

Off-Site Consultation Service
Katherine Allen, certified Feng Shui consultant, and Interior Designer provides an off-site service that provides you with individualized analysis and written report with recommendations for creating greater harmony in your home or office. An arranged phone conversation to discuss the recommendations is also included. 

Required information:

  • Date of birth dates for all family members.
  • Self-test of the 8 areas of your life, goals, concerns and expectations of the consultation.
  • A Floor Plan with cardinal points including the doors and windows, major furniture and shape of the land plot. Provide measurements of the rooms you have selected.
  • All rooms labeled.
  • Photos of the rooms you want to place emphasis on. 

Recommendations are individualized for you and your family. These can include the following:

  • Furniture placement
  • Color and Style recommendations
  • Feng Shui cures for specific intentions
  • Internal Feng Shui cures such as personal affirmations, specific spiritual practices
  • Symbolic and image suggestions
  • Special decorations, 5-element features such as water, or plants

"Harmony at Work" is a consulting and training opportunity for businesses designed to address how our internal and external environments impact our daily work experience.

Services provided for your Business include:

  • Analysis of your business with a written report with recommendations.
  • Seminars and lectures for your group(s) see lecture topics page or customized for your business.
  • Individual visits for personalized assistance for employees workspaces. (office, cubicles, desks)
  • Design assistance (Interior Makeovers-using what you already own) or full-design using Feng Shui 

"Rearranging your work space is equal to having a happy work day!"

A simple rearrangement of one's cubical or work area can result in a more self-driven,
productive and  satisfied individual  who looks forward to the challenge of a new work day.

"I'm so happy! The office is more pleasant. Patients like it better. Income has increased and we started a second business. My mind is full of new ideas that are actually getting accomplished." Linda, owner of Holistic Health Center

Katherine's Client List:

  • Remax Masters Realty
  • Ramblin Rose- Womens' Clothing Store
  • Sit and Be Fit-Exercice Business
  • J N J Electric & Supply, Inc
  • Steel Foundry
  • Evergreen Mortgage, Inc
  • Naturopathic Health Center

Personal Life Coaching in making the commitment towards Harmonious Living. Imagine living your life without doubt, limits or confusion, instead living fully in your brilliance and creating the life you were meant to live!

What is harmonious living life coaching?
Life coaching is an inner Feng Shui coaching assistance to provide you with the support system to actualize the concepts of Feng Shui principles of balance and harmony into daily life!

How do I begin the program?
A personal or phone interview determines what needs you have and how you best can be served. Then you are asked to complete several intake forms and agree to a 3-month contract. Weekly or biweekly phone conversations help you stay clear on your personal path of living in sacred balance. Together we will work on discovery of life purpose, yearly and five year vision plans, weekly acts of beauty, harmony wheels and positive affirmations as well as external Feng Shui cures to support you in your journey to living the life you were meant to live.

About your coach
As a Feng Shui consultant, Katherine has responded to the need of her clients in developing a support system for furthering her client's goals through this program. Uniquely qualified, your coach Katherine Allen has over 20 years accumulated knowledge in eastern studies including an apprenticeship in shamanism and certification in yoga, and Feng Shui.

Please contact Katherine to determine which service is right for you!

"Finding out about feng shui and having Katherine provide this service for me is one of the best investments I have made in myself. Harmonizing the environment to maximize the flow of energy makes a difference that you can feel when you enter the area. I have had both my office and home receive the benefits of feng shui, and it's amazing how repositioning the items you own can change the entire feel of a space and create a ripple effect into all areas of your life. It is very subtle with concrete manifestations of the effect of the energy change." Bonnie Charney

"Katherine-You were so "right on" with my Feng Shui consultation. It was amazing how moving a piece of furniture just a few inches could make such a difference. It was such and obvious feeling of release and increased energy flow. I was amazed and still am. I am incorporating a little of what you said a each week so that my family does not get out of balance and cause disharmony in this new space of peace and tranquility. Thank you a million times over." Kay Van Houten

"Katherine's skills made a dramatic improvement to my area with color, placement, and energy flow. I am energized now instead of drained when working in my room, and the clients love the change. There's just one problem...they hate to leave." Janice Bird